Dear users, before using our services, please carefully read the following conditions.Every visit to our shop, as well as shopping, means that you have read the conditions and that you comply with them completely. If you do not comply with the conditions, please do not use our services.


A product (or more of them) can be ordered by adding the item into the basket and filling out a form for shipping.

After confirming the order, they customer can make changes to the order via electronic mail (email) but only until the shipping of the product.

From the moment you make your order, the item prepares for shipping and the next day it is delivered to the courier service, after that the delivery time is 72h, except in the case of weekends and extraordinary circumstances.

The price of the shipping fee is changeable and it depends on the weight of the package.

All additional questions about the products, the prices and the shipping can be submitted here: e-mail: romania@malinia.shop

It will be our pleasure to help you out. By ordering, you give your consent for contacting us via all communication channels based on the data you have left.

All of the prices on ro.malinia.shop are listen in RON with VAT included. Discount prices last while still being shown on the website.

The customer-seller agreement between the salesman and the customer is formed when you made an order (the customer receives an email with the details of the order) From that moment on, all of the prices and other buying conditions are not changeable and are worth as much as to the customer as is to the salesman. In the case where the price of the product changes during the shipment, you will be able to cancel the order if the new price of the product does not suit you.


Before using the product, you will need to read the user manual. You should safely try out the product before using it. If you are not completely sure on how you should try out the product or you are not sure if the product is not safe for using or if you are not sure that you might cause damage or hurt other people, please do not use the product and contact us. Use the products at your own risk. We are here to offer a detailed and a proper description of the products and the pictures. Despite that, we cannot guarantee that all of the listed information about the product is true.


The website ro.malinia.shop has copyrights to all of the content (texts, videos and audio materials,  the database, the programmers code). Uncertified usage of any part of the site, without the permission of the owner, is regarded as violating the copyrights and can be subjected to lawsuit.


The payment is done on the spot, meaning you give the money in cash to the courier who brings you the package on the given address.

We are still not able to accept any payment using credit cards and checks.

From the website ro.malinia.shop it is possible to shop only from Poland. If you wish to order from another country, visit our page malinia.shop and select the appropriate county. The payment in each county is done entirely based on the official national currency

When ordering online using the website (concluded a distant contract) the customer has the right to inform as about the cancellation of an order within the next 14 days. The customer who cancels and does not want to buy the product, has to return it back in its original case without any damage. In case that we notice that the returned product is damaged, we have the right to deny the customer’s cancellation and that same customer has to compensate and pay for the damage.

The right for cancellation will be lost in the examples below:

– If the product or more of them are not returned in its original case

– if the product was used and has visible traces of being used

–if the information you left us are not correct and therefore cannot be found in our database

–if the product is single-use only and cannot be used again

– if the damage was dealt during  improper handling

– if the postage has not been paid

Information about cancelling an order can be submitted by an unambiguous statement, from which you are clearly cancelling the order. Information about the cancellation of an order can be submitted here:

  • Electronically on [email protected], in that case we will confirm that we received information about the cancellation of the order

You are deemed to have submitted the cancellation statement correctly if you submit it within the time limit provided for withdrawal from the purchase, which is not more than 14 days from the completion of the order..

The cost of cancelling an order, if there is any, as well as the postage are covered by the customer.

After cancelling the order, the product must be sent back via the courier and must have:

  • All of the information about the person who ordered the product (name, last name, address and phone number)
  • The number of the order (It was sent via mail while purchasing the product)
  • The product must be in its original and undamaged case
  • Paid postages and all the other costs, if there is any

Getting refunds for the products that have been damaged by unprofessional handling or handling them in a way that was not regulated, will not be taken into concern

If you want to get another product after denying your refund, we can ship it for and will  charge you with the costs.

Refunds will be taken into consideration if::

  • the product does not have all of its parts and needs functioning parts to work
  • the product has been slightly or or really damaged
  • the product does not fit with the description nor the model unless the product or the model do not show only informative purposes

The product that meets the criteria of being a refund needs to be sent to the address of our warehouse(Strada Sorin Titel, Timisoara) after you contact us via mail.

Packages with ransom and other expenses, will not be received, as those packages who are sent via some other courier service.

All of the products which fit the criteria of a refund will be checked as soon as possible. If the the products passes all of the criteria, the money will be sent to the customer’s current account within 7 days after receiving the product.